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5 Quick One Pot Meals From Jamaica

Looking for a quick recipe with a distinct Jamaican flavor? Try these delicious one pot meals!

Seasoned rice
This meal can best be described as a Jamaican take on fried rice. Combine white rice with carrots, beans, and slices of sausage and add your favourite seasonings to the mix. It`s an excellent dish for when you`re short on time but still want a wholesome meal.

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Bully Beef and Rice
In case you don`t know, bully beef is the Jamaican name for corned beef in a can. Here, it is paired with white rice, and seasoned with chopped scallions and onions for a quick and easy lunch or dinner. You can also add ketchup or other sauces if you like.

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Bully Beef and Cabbage
This dish is so quick and easy you can literally be eating within minutes. Simply empty a can of bully beef into a skillet with chopped scallion and onions, then fold in the shredded cabbage. Allow the pot to simmer for about five minutes and voila, you have a delicious easy meal to enjoy.

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Saltfish and Butter Bean
This is a popular breakfast that can be ready in less than thirty minutes. The hardest part is getting rid of the excess salt on the saltfish, which is easier if you soak in water overnight. Give the saltfish a quick boil before shredding into small pieces. In a skillet, add chopped scallion, sweet pepper, garlic and onions to heated vegetable oil before stirring in the saltfish. Finally, add a can or two of butter beans and stir until mixed together. You may also add ketchup and a bit of soy sauce to enhance the taste.

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Beef Soup
Beef soup is another staple of Jamaican food that is a whole bunch of deliciousness and nutrition in one pot. It will take a few hours to prepare but once the beef has cooked sufficiently to be tender, you`ll add slices of yam, breadfruit and potatoes as well as green bananas and of course spinners/dumplings. The pot is usually seasoned with garlic, scallion, thyme and Jamaican noodle soup packs.

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