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Do Jamaicans Mispronounce Your Name? 31 Names Jamaicans Take Pleasure in Butchering

Jamaicans are known for their special talent when pronouncing names, blending them with the richness of our diverse ethnicity and culture. Jamaicans.com recently conducted a poll to discover the most common of these mispronunciations. It’s no exaggeration to say that Jamaicans possess an exceptional talent for adapting even the most outrageous mispronunciations of words. Now, did your name make the list? Here’s a fun compilation of 31 names that undergo delightful twists and humorous mispronunciations, showcasing the uniqueness of our vibrant Jamaican heritage. Here goes!


Heather becomes Edda

Rohan becomes Rooann

Simone is always soomone!

Paula sounds best to Jamaicans as Paala.

Constance is Constant because what else could it be

Smith is Simit and some Jamaicans with this last name find it hard to say it right.

Audrey is Hadrey 

Everybody’s Uncle Lloyd is called Lide

Andrew. . Anju or Handru 

Lorna is not your cousin. She is called laana.

Claudette only makes sense to Jamaicans as Cladet or it’s Clardete

Ann- Marie is pronounced Han-Marie

Eric only sounds right to Jamaicans as Heric 

Anthony just doesn’t sound correct so here comes the additional “h” for emphasis. Jamaicans say Hanthony

Tricia will always be called Treeeesha

Patricia is Patreesha

Michelle only makes sense as Mitchell or Michael

And which Jamaican has time to say Veronica when you can just make it Varanica or Vernica 

You probably didn’t know that Myrtle was the correct pronunciation of your grandma’s name because your Jamaican relatives say Mircul

You grew up in Jamaica if you know Blossom who is only called Blassam

Denzel is Denzle

Helen is Ellen

But Ellen is Helen (Jamaican logic?)

Ruth is Root because who has time for the “th” sound

And everybody knows a Ba-ba-ra but who is actually Barbara

Eryn is Eyerine

Xavier sounds better as Ex-Zavier

And every Foster is really Fasta

Depending on where you are from in Jamaica, Andre may be pronounced Anjay or Andray

Charlene is Shawlene

And Carl is more conveniently Kaaaahhhhllll, especially if he is troublesome.

Whether your birth certificate flaunts the correct spelling of your name or your mom tirelessly drills the right pronunciation, Jamaicans possess an uncanny talent for putting their own twist to every name.

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