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20 English Words That Sound Better In Jamaican Patois

English words that sound better in Jamaican Patois

There is often a debate about whether Jamaicans pronounce some words incorrectly or if it’s sounding of the Patois accent. Some people will argue that if the person is speaking English and the Patois pronunciation of a word pops out then there is mispronunciation. Others will argue that it is the nature of the dialect and there is nothing wrong with the pronunciation.

Growing up Jamaican there are some words that when said in Patois, to some people they sound better, and even put more emphasis to get the point being conveyed across. We have listed some words we think sounds better in Patois. Do you know others? Please post them in the comments

Kumugin (Curmudgeon) – Stop it man, you too damn kumugin!

Coochiments (accoutrements) – Mek me take up me coochiments dem yaa!

Denam Town (Denham Town) – Me a go round a Denam Town go fi look fi me father

Flim (Film) – Di new camera dem no use flim again

Pop chow (bok choy) – Sell me a bungle a pop chow please?

Scalf (scalp) – Mi scalf a scratch me

Squint (Quint) – It no deh far man, as you squint we reach a town!

Picha (picture) – Come tek me picha fi me deh please

Flakes Pen (Faiths Pen) – Memba fi stop a Flakes Pen and buy piece a roast yam fi me!

Tambrind (Tamarind) – Gimme some a you sour tambrind nuh?!

Cerfiticate (Certificate) – She gone collect har report and cerfiticate from up a the school

Trapaalin (Tarpaulin) – Use the trapaalin cover the drum so no rain water no drop in dere!

Cocumber (cucumber) – Cut up one cocumber put inna the salad

Nable (Navel) – Trecia buried the baby nable string under the big mango tree.

Chesta Draw (chest of draws) – Look inna di top draw pon di chesta draw you see the book.

Sachiz (sausage) – Come go buy two tin sachiz fi mek breakfast a mawning.

Fineral (Funeral) – Mass John fineral a next week Saturday enuh!

Butta (Butter) – Look if we have any butta inna di fridge please.

Haaspital (hospital) – Jem admit inna haaspital enuh, you did kno?

Nutnmeg (Nutmeg) – Grater piece a nutnmeg fi add to the porridge pot.

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